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Solar PV Panel

A single solar cell is not enough to provide the desired output. So, to enhance the output power of a PV system, several PV solar cells need to be connected together. A Solar PV Panel typically consists a number of solar cells to provide the required output power and voltage. The Solar PV Panels or PV Modules are basic building blocks of a solar electric power generation system.

Patanjali Renewable Solar PV Panels are one of the best solar panels in India. They are made of 90% Indian raw materials to withstand extreme weather conditions in different parts of India. The product is designed to perform, irrespective of the geographical conditions, and comes with a plethora of functional innovations for residential, commercial, and utility scale installations. We’re currently one of the best solar panel manufacturers in India, with our manufacturing facility based out in Greater Noida.

Notable features of Patanjali Solar Panel :

  • Mono and polycrystalline modules
  • Made of high-grade raw material
  • Automated module manufacturing line production
  • Modules range from 5WP to 340 WP
  • 100 % EL tested modules to ensure defect free modules
  • Durable and sturdy build
  • Superior low light irradiation performance - 200W/m²                         
  • Upto 17.8% efficiency
  • IEC & BIS certified modules
  • 25-year Manufacturer Warranty

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