Why to Choose Patanjali Solar Products


Before getting into the debate why to choose Patanjali Solar, let us understand the need of Solar Power in India.
As you all are aware that India is a growing economy with a massive population of 1.33 billion. We have an approximately 370 GW of installed power generation capacity with Solar Power contributing around 34 GW. This field though still remains largely uncapped. India has a tremendous potential for Solar Power generation and it is one of the cleanest forms of energy available. Solar power is one of the most important tool in our fight against Green House Gases. Also, Solar energy is cheapest source of power available.
Why Choose Patanjali Solar.
Patanjali Solar is brainchild of Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna. These two are pioneers in the field of Yoga and Ayurveda in India and they have been playing an important role in nation building since many years. Thus, Patanjali Solar brings in the credibility of above personalities with followingsalient features.
1.Clean Energy
By adopting Solar Energy you will be directly contributing in reducing the pollution and Green House Gases. So, join us and become a nature warrior.
2. Best in Class
Patanjali Solar is extensively upgrading its Research & Development facilities and thus providing
Technologically advanced products. Our products meet Global standards.
3. Affordable
Our goal is to make Solar Power within the reach of every household. With this motive we are continuously striving to meet this target. Today we proudly declare that our products are available at most competitive prices.
4. Robust
We at Patanjali Solar do extensive testing of our products in different natural conditions and thus boast about its running irrespective of weather. Our product is definitely one on which our customers can rely upon.
5. Reliability
Patanjali Solar gives its customers an assurance that our products will give long working hours without any breakdown. Thus, a continuous source of Power for years.
6. Self-Reliant
Patanjali Solar is not only enlightening India but also empowering India. We are giving even a smallest household a capacity to become an electricity producer.
7. After sales service
Patanjali Solar is not just about selling its product but building long lasting relations with our consumers. We have a dedicated team of experts who are always ready to cater smallest of problems of our customers.

As we all are currently living in COVID-19 era which is hampering our economy, it’s a humble appeal of ours to kindly adopt swadeshi. We are an organisation which is totally indigenous and solely working in upliftment of our masses. Patanjali Solar welcomes you with an open heart to become a part of our family and we assure you that together we will definitely make a difference.