Patanjali Presents High Performance Solar PV Panels Manufacturing at our state of art production facility.

Our Solar Panel Range comprises of two series –

Polycrystalline Series (Range 5W – 335W)

Monocrystalline Range (350W – 380W)

The raw material that goes into making these solar panel include Glass. 

  • EVA
  • Solar Cells
  • EVA
  • Backsheet
  • Lamination
  • Framing
  • Junction Box Fixing

Our international standard quality raw material makes a most reliable choice as all product are only disbursed after a thorough quality check and testing. Our product also come with high quality packing.

We maintain this state-of-the-art quality and testing procedures that include.

  • Peel Test of Cell to Ribbon (Front & Back)
  • Peel Test of Cell Connector to Busbar
  • Hipot Test
  • IR Test
  • Ground Continuity Test
  • Wet Leakage test
  • Mechanical Load Test
  • Adhesion Test of Glass to EVA
  • Adhesion test of EVA to Backsheet
  • Gel Content Test

Patanjali solar panel can be used for

Solar Street Lights

Home Applications

Rooftop Solar

Solar Water Pump

Solar Power Plant

” PREPL State of the art manufacturing facility is one of a kind facility, which is run by its own electricity, produced by patanjali solar panels.”